Caden’s a Rock Star!!

We have been crazy since returning from our trip, I have been dipping day and night, then was gone for the the weekend at a huge Women’s Expo. While I was gone, Michael got to take Caden to his first practice for his “Rock Band” I was so nervous for him, I was worried he wouldn’t like it or maybe wouldn’t be able to do it. His practice was from 1-2.30 on saturday. At about 1.45 I got a text from Michael that simply said, “Bub is Awesome”. This from the man who I told I sold 50 pounds of Berries and his answer was, “Glad you had a good day”! No AWESOME for me, so I KNEW he must have been doing well. Then I found out the song they are playing, Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way….WHAT!!!! That is so centered around the drums. I am sure there will not be the drum solo, but WOW!!! He is the youngest in this program at 8. There is one 10 year old and the other two band members are 12ish. BEST part of the whole thing is he is SO excited and had a ball with the whole thing. Almost the first words out of his mouth when he was a baby was “I am going to be a rock star”. At 8 he is getting to give it a test run:)

Caden's ROCK STAR Halloween  costume at 4 years old!

Caden’s ROCK STAR Halloween costume at 4 years old!

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1 Response to Caden’s a Rock Star!!

  1. Grammy and PePa says:

    When is Caden’s gig! We want to come! Keep us posted! All our love!!!

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