That’s a Wrap:(

This is the end of the line, and the last blog post about the Allitt European Adventure!! We have been gone from home about 2.5 weeks and it has been wonderful. Being in Switzerland feels like ages ago, which means we have had a good long break. Being able to spent time with our family while seeing new parts of the world is the best. We are so happy Tracey, Ben and Dawn all took the week off from work to “play” with us. We are thrilled to have a new member of our extended family with Dawns addition of “Bertie the Best dog in the World”, and of course to have had so much time with Nan and Grandad. We have seen everything from the Alps to the English Seaside, museums to the inside of about 20 different pubs, had a few Harvey’s Pints and glasses of Squash, ate an uncountable number of chips and had amazing beef from Dawn’s farm cows.
Today we head back to Heathrow to head home, the kids will have many stories for there friends and teachers at school, Michael will have a TON of work to catch up on, and I will hit the chocolate kitchen the second I get home to get ready for the Woman’s Expo this weekend(HUGE thanks to Angelina for dipping the whole time we have been gone).
With that we all wave goodbye to England and our family and say, “See you again soon”, as always we have been welcomed with open arms and can’t wait to return!!

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1 Response to That’s a Wrap:(

  1. Grammy and PePa says:

    Happy flight, you are all in our thoughts!
    All our love! Grammy and Pepa

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