Rolling with the Weather Punches

So yesterday we heard rumor of a winter storm hitting the NYC area. After checking it out, seemed to be pretty spot on. Our flight comes into Newark and we drive home from there so this could be a serious headache. We went to the Virgin Atlantic web page and that said if we wanted to change our flights due to weather we could at no charge. Being seasoned travelers and having spent hours and hours sitting in airports on delays, we decided the best thing to do was take them up on their offer and hang out here for one more day. We are all pretty over walking mile upon mile and site seeing so we are going to have a quiet last couple of days, Cass is with Dawn on the farm for the morning, a little shopping on high street, take the kids to see the church where we were married, and go see the Lego movie. Now you may thing there is nothing “special” about seeing a movie in England. Well you would be wrong. The popcorn is AMAZING!!! They have a salty version(no butter) or a sugary version, mix those two together and you have popcorn like you have never tasted, nope it is not what we know as kettle corn either, just different. SO GOOD!!! So while today was meant for packing and saying goodbye to Merry Old England we will be munching on the best popcorn EVER!!

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